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Artificial Grass

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Artificial turf

The exciting thing about artificial turf is that although it might cost a bit upfront to have it installed, it then becomes free for the following 15 or more years!
In other words, a quality artificial turf is an investment that starts paying off almost immediately and for a very, very long time.

Once we perform our Bay Area artificial turf installation, our customers cut down on their water bill, on gardener expenses, on their seeding and re-seeding costs, etc. They enjoy a green and clean grass year-round without the hassle and the expenses.

Although we have provided some sports turf artificial grass installation and playground artificial turf installation, we mostly focus on residential needs. To that end, we have a specialized group of Bay Area artificial turf installation and cleaning team members. Our Living Home Construction turf team provides year-round artificial turf installation for front yards, for back yards, and for patios. We tailor the material, design, and color to our customer’s preferences, and make suggestions based on our experience.

Bay Area front yard artificial turf installation has become an increasingly required service, thanks to our environmentally-aware Californian community members. Additionally, back yard artificial turf installation and patio synthetic grass work resonates with financially-mindful individuals. Many folks simply wish to save on their outdoor maintenance expenses, and artificial grass installation allows you to do that.

Our artificial turf installation technicians will excavate and clean the site, then install the base material and weed barrier, and will eventually install and trim the synthetic grass. This work, since it’s often done for a decade or two, requires attention to detail and perfection in execution. Since we are aware of the long-term goals for our Bay Area artificial turf installation, we make every effort that the grass is installed, cleaned, positioned, and trimmed to perfection.

For any Bay Area artificial turf installation questions about time and cost, do not hesitate to contact us here at Living Home Construction at +1 855 213 1400!

The Quality you deserve 

Our materials as well as our work tools are specific to this type of long-term investment. In other words, we work with only the highest quality artificial grass as well as with the best power brooms, seaming tape, drop spreaders, etc. The goal is to fill and secure the synthetic grass, so that our customers don’t need to worry about any surprises with maintenance or issues with stretching quality.

We have installed fake grass on lawns, play areas, rooftops, putting greens, dog runs, and more. More often than not, our customers are so happy with their reduced cost and reduced time spent maintaining their outdoor property that request additional Bay Area fake grass services. Synthetic grass is commonly made from nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene, and is filled with recycled rubber or sand to secure its stability. Bay Area artificial turf threads provide room for water to seep through, for rain or for hosing off pet waste. However, it obviously does not need to be seeded and watered.

Bay Area artificial turf installation

Whether you’re looking to save costs and time on your outdoor maintenance or are looking for an environmentally-friendly solution, or both, do not hesitate to contact us at +1 855 213 1400 for your Bay Area artificial turf installation questions!

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