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Concrete Work

Our concrete construction services at Living Home Construction include wall construction and repair, slab and foundation construction and repair, driveway construction, curb and gutter construction and repair, and more.

What We Do

Providing Stability

The concrete foundations that we install provide stability and a strong foundation to any house or building. Since a high-quality foundation is a necessity rather than a luxury, we focus on durability of the materials and the form of installation.

We have provided both commercial and residential driveway and curb foundation installation and repair in the Bay Area for multiple clients and companies. Our concrete construction team can tackle any concrete wall construction, driveway and approach repair or removal, asphalt patch backs, and more.

We build tomorrow 

Our Bay Area concrete construction team is equipped with the best tools and experience to perform any commercial and residential concrete and foundation installation and repair.

We provide design assistance based on our clients’ needs as well as our knowledge of city and state regulations. For larger projects, we understand the importance of selecting the right structural system and are therefore here to provide thorough consultation on the considerations involved in this process. For smaller projects, we provide sustainability assistance and budget-friendly suggestions.

Longtime Bay Area Concrete Contractors

Living Home Construction

As longtime Bay Area concrete contractors, we have installed concrete walls, provided home approach stonework, completed basement and upper foundation installations, performed patio and pool deck concrete work, and more.


For environmental and durability reasons, many clients opt for hardscape paving. This includes concrete patios, decks, front yards, and walkways. Concrete designs for your outdoor space can offer modern and chic tones to your homes. For this reason, our Bay Area concrete construction team are trained to not only provide effective concrete work, but also offer unique and contemporary design options. Consequently, a necessity becomes an opportunity for a fresh and stylish outdoor visage.

Living Home Construction can assist with anything concrete-related, from driveway and approach repair, removal, and installation, to outdoor kitchen building. The Bay Area is moving into more modernized and durability-focused home and industrial structures, and we are here to be a part of this. Our Bay Area concrete contractors can work with any exterior and interior concrete projects.

For your Bay Area concrete driveway installation or repair, or a retaining wall installation, and anything concrete-related, do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at Living Home Construction. Call us at +1 855 213 1400 for your free consultation today!

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