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Living Home Construction is dedicated to building dream kitchens, based on our customers’ unique preferences, environmental considerations, and budget. Whether it’s a small upgrade for the cabinets or a full kitchen remodel with all the bells and whistles, we have done it all!

We have a large base of satisfied customers all over the Bay Area for the simple reason that in updating and upgrading kitchens, we focus on enhancing our customers’ home experience overall.

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Custom Kitchen Works

Our remodeling solutions adhere to the highest quality requirements as well as to local codes and city-approved layouts. Our team of reliable and friendly experts take the time to delineate all the options available to our clients, based on their specific needs and aesthetic sense. When exploring the alternatives, our remodeling team members present all the floor options, the granite counter tops, the custom cabinetry and more, that are within the parameters our customers specify.

Modern sinks and faucets
Recessed and smart lighting
Wood, tile and laminate flooring
Granite countertops
Custom cabinets
Modern appliance installation
Wall demolition
Island installation

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We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured.

Our remodeling team has years of experience with combining the precision required for an effective kitchen remodel along with the artistic vision that our customers have for their dream kitchen.
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We will be happy to explore the options available for your dream kitchen!

prefab Kitchen Works

Both our custom kitchen cabinets and countertops as well as prefab kitchen cabinets and countertops come with a full warranty.

Our Bay Area kitchen remodeling experts will take into account your budget and kitchen needs and advise you on prefab kitchen cabinets or custom cabinets and countertops.

The main difference between prefab or prefabricated cabinets and custom cabinets is that the former is a “ready-made” kitchen cabinet set, while the latter involves craftsmanship and an all-new design and build. Some individuals are specifically interested in expressing their unique taste through their cabinets.

Those would opt for:

Prefab kitchen cabinets
Prefab kitchen countertops
Prefab kitchen island

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Kitchen Renovation Procedures

Kitchen renovation can take as little as two-three weeks, and cost $5,000-$6,000, and can last as long as a couple of months and cost upwards of $30,000-$40,000, and more, depending on your unique needs and budget.

For this reason, we take time with each client to explore exactly what he or she are looking for in their Bay Area kitchen remodeling. For example, would the kitchen have a new island installed? Would there be new high-end appliances or would the old ones be installed into the new structure? Are we adding hardwood floors to the remodeled kitchen or adding modern lighting?

These and many additional considerations are only part of what we provide our customers as food for thought. That is to say, many people, especially when it’s their first remodel job, are not aware of some of the options as well as requirements that they should take into consideration when doing a kitchen remodel. For example, there are specific permits and city layouts that some construction projects require, and we educate our clients on all the current and most recent regulations. This way, we can plan a kitchen remodel that adheres to any Bay Area or city-specific provisions.

Our goal is to be efficient when planning the kitchen makeover, but to also leave room for fun and play in the kitchen design process! After all, getting your dream kitchen should be an inspiring and exciting experience!

Often, our customers have an idea in their minds of how they’d like the finished product to look like, but need some step-by-step guidance as to how their Bay Area kitchen remodel project would look like. This is where our sketches come in. We provide several sketches, based on our customers’ objectives, and go through each option’s cost, materials, duration, etc.

For example, we cover whether or not our customers are interested in custom cabinets installation (oftentimes, can be the biggest percentage of the budget). We cover what materials work for the new countertops — wood, metal, granite, etc. We discuss whether a new sink or faucet is in order, and if so, whether re-piping or additional plumbing work would be involved.

Once we explore these options and our customer has a profound understanding and insight into the work ahead — only then we commence the kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodeling as an Investment

Kitchen remodeling is a desired option for home owners, as it often results in a significant return on investment. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel that aims to solve some functional issues or a kitchen makeover that aims to upgrade the living experience of the homeowner — kitchen renovations are considered a sound investment.

To that end, our team of Bay Area kitchen experts oftentimes instruct our clients to take their reasoning for the investment into consideration. Depending on the overall goals the owner has for the home, a kitchen renovation can increase the home’s value, can enhance the cooking and socializing experience that kitchens are known for, or do both!

For our clients that are on a more prudent budget, we often provide the following suggestions. First, unless necessary, consider keeping the layout of your kitchen as is. Moving things around often requires additional plumbing and electrical services, which add unto the total cost of the kitchen remodel. Second, if you plan to remain in your home (rather than sell it any time soon), you can opt for more affordable countertops and cabinet materials. Instead of stone and wood, you can opt for laminate.

For our clients that have more flexibility in their financial planning for their kitchen remodel, we often recommend to go for the stone and wood quality materials, especially if they intend to sell the home in a foreseeable point in their future. We might also recommend some structural changes, such as a wall knock down or an island installation to upgrade the whole space of- and around the kitchen.

Again, this all depends on the unique vision each person has for their kitchen, the budget, and the overall goals for the home.


Our gallery exhibits the combination of functional value with elegance, two values that are of highest priority in our work with our clients. For many people, the kitchen space is a central part of their home life. Whether it’s spending time as a couple or a family, or enjoying an evening of cooking alone, the kitchen is basically the most frequented room in the house for most people. For this reason, in our kitchen renovation work, we keep in mind that the final product should allow for a pleasant, inspiring, and efficient space for the household folks.

To take your first step towards the kitchen of your dreams, do not hesitate to Contact our Bay Area kitchen remodel agents at +1 855 213 1400!

The kitchen Remodeling Process

We understand the disruptive nature of any home renovation project, and especially when your kitchen is the focus. For this reason, we operate as efficiently and dynamically as possible. Our goal is to have your new remodeled kitchen ready for you to use in the shortest amount of time, while still maintaining skilled precision and attention to detail.

The first step involves a 3-D sketch, based on your current layout and needs, for your review and approval. We then pursue a permit from the city to perform the remodeling in your home. Once all is clear, we only then begin the actual construction and remodeling work. Again, the goal is to enable as smooth a transitional period as possible for you and your family while we complete the work.


Kitchen cabinets are often the primary part of the budget in a kitchen remodel job. Depending on the materials, size, overall kitchen dimensions and design, we work with a wide range of materials and cabinet designs. For example, some one style of cabinets is called “face frame” cabinets — as they have a frame in the front of the cabinet box. Another design is “European,” and those cabinets are also called “faceless,” as they do not have any design at the front of the box.

For many people, the design of the inside of their kitchen cabinetry is also important. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s an opportunity to have storage space in the personalized fashion you had never had in the past. You get to truly play with the inside dimensions and cabinet shelves in a way that serves you and your kitchen life.

Kitchen cabinetry is a central part of your new kitchen’s style, and so, choosing the cabinet design that best represents the spirit of your remodeled kitchen is so essential. We offer thousands of options of different style cabinets, and our Bay Area cabinet installation experts have years of experience in the field of cabinetry and kitchen construction.
As part of our service, we can provide cabinet repair instead of cabinet installation. Cabinet repair can enliven your kitchen through cabinet refacing, cabinet hinge repair, etc. Cabinet refacing does not require the purchase of new cabinets, rather, it involves a new design for their frame. Our cabinet installation pros can help with any cabinet repair needs as part of our home and kitchen improvement Bay Area service.

The choice between prefab cabinets and custom cabinets always comes up in kitchen renovation, and we have advised countless of clients on the option that best fits their vision and budget. Prefab kitchen cabinets are ready-made, your run-of-the-mill, ready-to-be-installed straight from the factory. They are a more affordable option for those on a budget, and they are quicker to handle and install. Custom cabinets work for those who have more flexibility in their budget and have specific designs in mind for their kitchen cabinets.

Call us today with any questions about kitchen cabinets at +1 855 213 1400. Living Home Construction team is here for any of your Bay Area kitchen remodeling needs!

Sinks and Faucets

Kitchen sinks and faucets are a fabulous way to upgrade your kitchen, both in style and in functionality.
We encourage our clients to go for the classic stainless-steel sinks, as they are highly durable. The depth and thickness also play a role — the rule of thumb is that deeper and thicker sinks are the best and most functional. At the same time, it is crucial to consider your own preferences and lifestyle. For example, if you don’t cook much, a deeper sink might prove to be a back-breaker for those few moments you are in the kitchen. If you enjoy cooking, cutting veggies, using the garbage disposer, and spending time in the kitchen, then a deeper (and thicker, for the soundproofing of your disposer) sink is probably the best choice for you.

Kitchen sink designs include:

Freestanding sinks
Apron-front sinks
Undermount sinks
Single bowl sink
Double bowl sink
Drop-in sink
When it comes to faucets, options abound as well as with sinks. In addition to clean lines and elegance, a faucet should be durable and functional. We can easily delineate the options and designs available, based on our clients’ taste and needs.

Kitchen faucet designs include:

Wall mounted faucet
Deck mounted faucet
Two-handled faucet
Pull-down faucet
Pot-filler faucet (in addition to a traditional one)
Most of our clients go for a pot-filler faucet nowadays in addition to a traditional kitchen faucet. A pot-filler faucet usually has hot and cold water levers, and allows you to fill your pots right on the stove, instead of carrying them from the sink to the stove top.

Our team of sink and faucet installation experts will explain each design’s pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision about the sink that best fits your kitchen needs. For your kitchen sink and faucet installation estimate and questions, do not hesitate to call Living Home Construction at +1 855 213 1400!


Kitchen floor is often an interesting choice for clients when renovating a kitchen. When people are looking for a complete kitchen makeover, flooring is definitely part of that. However, when opting for a partial kitchen remodel, such as cabinet installation and sink and faucet replacement, flooring might not be considered. As anything else, the choice of flooring depends on your personal needs and preferences, on your family size and family make-up, and on your goals for your kitchen. For example, some large-sized families with small children prefer sheet vinyl, because it is stain- and water-proof, and has some affordable options. A household with an open floor-plan and elegance in mind might benefit from hardwood flooring the kitchen.

For households with older folks, the recommendation would be porcelain tile or cork floors, as they offer non-slip options to maintain safety in the kitchen.

Kitchen faucet designs include:

Hardwood kitchen floor
Porcelain tile kitchen floor
Sheet vinyl kitchen floor
Cork kitchen floor
Linoleum kitchen floor
When contemplating kitchen floor options, feel free to give us a call at +1 855 213 1400 for any suggestions and estimates. Our Living Home Construction team is here to answer any questions about your kitchen floor remodeling ideas and goals.


Kitchen countertops provide the cherry on top for the kitchen cabinet designs. It’s important that their materials, design, and color would reflect your home’s energy and atmosphere. There are prefab kitchen countertops and custom kitchen countertops. As with cabinets, the choice between the two depends on budget, preferences, and lifestyle. For an active cook, a custom granite countertop would be an excellent choice. For a family who is rarely home, a prefab countertop might be just what the house needs, and nothing more.

Kitchen counter tops materials include:

Granite kitchen countertop
Ceramic tile kitchen countertop
Stainless steel kitchen countertop
Laminate kitchen countertop
Bamboo kitchen countertop
Laminate prefab countertop is a great option if you are on a budget, and it’s easy to install. However, since it’s on the lower end of the price range, it might not be as durable as some other materials. Granite countertops, on the other hand, are highly durable, high-quality, and increase the home’s value.
Bottom line, as with your other kitchen modules, picking the countertop that best suits you is the priority. Our team of experts at Living Home Construction are here to discuss any Bay Area kitchen countertops options with you.

Call us at +1 855 213 1400!

Wall Demolition

For some of our Bay Area kitchen remodeling projects, we knocked off a wall or two to create an open space kitchen, per our clients’ requests. Although it can be a bit more time-consuming and have additional costs, it can make such a huge difference in the overall experience of the home. For those who have a more open-ended budget and a desire to accomplish a complete kitchen makeover, wall demolition is a superb choice. Since it might require additional plumbing, re-wiring, or re-piping work, we meticulously go through each step with our clients. This way, our clients know what to expect and can look forward to their new kitchen with ease and certainty.

Kitchen wall demolition requires a thorough understanding of structures in general, and of your home’s walls in particular. Our knowledge of kitchen and residential structures in the Bay Area is profound, and we certainly educate ourselves on each on each home we provide remodel for. We then get the appropriate permits from the city when a wall demolition is possible (depending on whether or not the wall holds part of the structure etc.), we begin the kitchen wall demolition service slowly and with detailed care.

The end result following the kitchen wall demolition and full kitchen remodel is simply breathtaking for most clients. Our clients who were interested in- and able to knock a home wall down for the sake of an open kitchen-living room space have fully enjoyed the finished product. Their homes often look and feel bigger, and their family home time is spent in a much freer and expanded atmosphere.

For your Bay Area kitchen wall demolition, do not hesitate to contact us at +1 855 213 1400 for any logistical or design inquiries.

Kitchen Island Installation

Kitchen islands are a hugely popular service! A high-quality elegant kitchen island can make all the difference for your kitchen experience. A kitchen island is a place for the family to gather, a place to do some computer- or homework, or have a nice glass of wine in the evening.
For this reason, kitchen island installation oftentimes injects a home with a whole new energy and character. Here at Living Home Construction, we relish the opportunity to provide that feeling of renewal and joy when performing a kitchen island installation. Some of our clients opted for a kitchen island as part of their overall kitchen renovation project. Some were only interested in kitchen island installation as an isolated project. Either way, the kitchen island has provided a breath of fresh air and touch of extra class to each home.

Kitchen islands are a superb addition to your kitchen space because of the diversity of their function. They can offer more counter space, more room for meal cooking and prepping, or just be a chic entertaining spot in the house.

In our kitchen island installation plans, we also include details such as:

Extra storage room
Additional appliance installation space
Countertop materials: marble counters, granite counters, quartz counters
Sitting arrangements: pull out chairs, bar stools, benches

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