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Are you thinking of adding usable, functional space to your home? Have you thought about increasing the value of your home and also giving your family additional space for enjoying some special moments? If so, a room addition is the answer for you.

We Specialize in Additions

Living Home Construction specializes in additions such as garage and ADU (additional dwelling units).

When thinking of a room addition we believe it is a reconfiguration of your home to better suit your lifestyle for many years to come.

Our professional designers and builders will work closely with you to create the perfect space that you desire and eventually build a room addition that will flow seamlessly both structurally and aesthetically.

We have years of experience

Our team at Living Home Construction has worked on numerous room addition projects across the Bay Area and accumulated years of experience being well versed in guidelines and limitations.

We're Here to Assist You

From consultation to design and build, we’re here to assist you with the journey to your new additional space. For any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at +1 855 213 1400. 

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